Difficulty: 7/10 ♦ Price: $25 ♦ Time: Max 1hr

The last time the professor of the occult was seen, he was reported to be panting, pacing, and cursing in his study.

Since then, three police officers, two maids, and one co-professor have looked for him in his study and have disappeared as well.

You and your team are paranormal investigators. You’ve been locked into his study to find out what happened to him, but rumor has it that if you can’t get out within an hour, you might never be seen again!



(Opening February) 

Kid's Room:

Difficulty: 4/10 ♦ Price: $30 ♦ Time: 70 min

All Ages:   Difficulty: 7/10 ♦ Price: $30 ♦ Time: 70 min

The Massachusetts Academy of Magic needs your help! An evil wizard has trapped the entire school and your group is the only hope! Learn spells, do magic, and make sure you know who to trust. The Lost Wand is waiting for you!

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Difficulty: 9/10 ♦ Price: $25 ♦ Time: Max 1hr

You and your friends were in for a great adventure south of the border, but somehow ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Your Spanish is far from perfect, and confusing the word medicine and drugs has spawned an unfortunate chain of events, which definitely didn’t help with your headache.

Now your group finds itself handcuffed inside a terrifying drug lord’s tequila cave. You have one hour to solve the puzzles in order to escape a very unpleasant future. Good luck, or should we say Buena Suerte!